Road Closed Due to Illegal Rubbish Dump

The selfishness of those without civic consciousness who dump rubbish illegally led to the closure of Jalan Susur Paduka Setia 2, RPT Paduka Setia, Kampung Taiping in Taiping. 

The Taiping Municipal Council (MPT), via a post on its official Facebook page, informed that the action is taken after various failed efforts to curb the bad habit.

According to the statement, the area which frequently becomes a location for illegal rubbish dump has been closed with barricade tape and a warning notice has been placed by the Residents’ Committee (JKP) of MPT Zone 12.

“The residents of RPT Paduka Setia should be aware of the house-to-house rubbish collection schedule by contractors which is done three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

“Prepare a rubbish bin in front of the respective residence and ensure there is no obstruction for the lorry to enter the residential lane,” the statement mentioned. 

The MPT urged all to stop the habits of dumping rubbish everywhere. 

“Any party who dumps rubbish illegally will face legal action under the Public Cleanliness Bylaw (Taiping Municipal Council) 1984 (Pk.P.U.18). 

“A compound of RM250 will be issued and one can face a fine of not more than RM2,000, jail of no more than a year, or both, if found guilty,” the statement added. 


Rosli Mansor


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