Letter: Stop throwing cigarette buds on the roads

Smokers need to stop disposing cigarette buds out of their car windows once they are done puffing. This has been going on for far too long. It is already dangerous as it is to smoke while driving, and throwing the buds out of the car vehicle window only poses more hazards to other road users.

I have personally seen some irresponsible individuals throw cigarette buds while their vehicles are in motion, while some do it while stuck in a slow moving traffic jam. 

I am not saying all smokers are guilty of the act; I am sure there are those who do not do it. However, it is far too common a sight. It may seem harmless, but it is actually very dangerous. The buds may be sucked into the engine bays of other cars, affecting driver or rider visibility especially when these buds are carried by the wind onto windscreens. Not to mention that it also harms Mother Nature.

Just look at the pavement or road dividers while stuck in traffic. One might be able to see used cigarette buds all over the place. We are already in 2022 and yet this ignorant mentality is still going on. Please make a change now. This means minimising or eliminating the risk of others inhaling second-hand smoke and disposing the litter created in an appropriate manner.

It is advisable to purchase a portable ashtray and just keep the buds there until you find a proper dustbin. Do not take the easy way out and litter. These portable ashtrays are not expensive and certainly cost less than a pack of smokes.

We are already up against the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic and the act of smoking in itself is already dangerous and harmful to health. Please change your ways. It will be good to kick the habit, but if it is not possible then at the very least do not endanger others and please do not litter.

The New Year promises a fresh start. It is still not too late to change your ways.


Yeap Ming Liong


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not  necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Ipoh Echo.



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