Thrill with Angsana Go-Kart Ipoh

Is the phrase ‘there is nothing much to do in Ipoh’ something you and your friends say often when you hang out? Lament no more, as there’s always a ton of fun outdoor activities coming to the city. For instance, one of the various options to choose from is go-kart riding!  

The Angsana Go-Kart Ipoh started running on January 15 last year and is located next to the Angsana Mall in Greentown. 

You can have a 10-minute karting-ride every day from Tuesday to Sunday including public holidays at an affordable rental price of RM30-RM40.

You can go for the single seater kart 200cc (4 stroke), double seater kart 200cc (4 stroke) or cadet kart 200cc based on your preference.

Experience a thrill with Angsana Go-Kart Ipoh and go all out with your speeding skills in a safe, controlled environment. It’s the best place to relax and let out some steam after a hectic week. 

We are all drained from sitting indoors, which could be potentially damaging to our health in the long run. The motorsport manager, Nurul Huda Binti Mohd Khair told us that her plan is to make go-kart an affordable sport so everyone can race and lead a healthy lifestyle.

“I want to bring in a go-kart attraction to Ipoh town that is suitable for all ages, from as young as nine years to 45 years old. We ensure the track is safe for everyone,” she shared.

According to Nurul, here are some ways Go-Karting can benefit one’s health:

  1. You learn essential life skills – being in control teaches you to have a responsible attitude and learn to make decisions for yourself fast before the problem gets bigger.
  2. You strengthen your reflexes – the configuration of a go-karting track is designed to test and strengthen your reflexes. Control your vehicle and maneuver through all the twists and turns.
  3. You feel good – Go-kart is tremendous fun and when you are having fun, you feel good about yourself and life.
  4. Sharpen your mind and senses – the adrenaline rush from go-karting sharpens your senses.
  5. Boost confidence – when you learn to drive a go-kart, it can be a massive boost to your confidence.

The opening hours of Angsana Go-Kart Ipoh are as follow:-
Tuesday – Thursday: 1pm-10pm
Friday: 2.30pm-10pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10am-10pm
Monday: Closed


Gisele Soo


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