Storm Incident: MBI to Allocate RM40,000 for Minor Repairs

The Ipoh City Council (MBI) is set to allocate a total of RM40,000 to implement repair works for minor damages due to the freak storm which happened at four locations involved.

Mayor, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud said his party received a complaint that a total of 219 houses were damaged and in need of immediate repair yesterday.

“Today I saw firsthand several homes which were damaged, especially on the roofs. As informed, the state and federal governments will allocate funds to repair critical damages.

“As for minor damages, the engineers of MBI will carry out assessment and as a start, a total of RM40,000 will be allocated for the four areas involved.

“Before that, over 100 staff members of MBI had gone on site immediately when the incident occurred to help clean up the scattered roof tiles and fallen trees,” he told the media after an on-site visit to the areas of Kampung Tawas and Tasek yesterday.

At the same time, Rumaizi also presented food aid under the MBI Prihatin (MBI Cares) programme sponsored by Econsave worth RM5,000 to MBI Council Member of Zone 10, Mohd Rafaad Razalli, to be distributed to the affected residents. 

Present were MBI Council Member for Zone 11 (Bercham), Ho Wai Mun; MBI Council Member for Zone 3 (Manjoi), Mohammad Sharif and Manager of Econsave Jelapang Branch, Shah Effendy Rosman.

Rumaizi also expressed gratitude to all parties involved, especially the companies that have stepped forward to help the victims. Yesterday, a total of RM30,000 worth of necessities was contributed to the residents of Kampung Tawas area.

“We cooperated with an NGO managed by MBI Council Member, Mohd Rafaad Razalli to repair the Surau Al-Islahiah in Lengkok Tawas Baru where MBI supplied the canvas to be installed on the roof.

The recent freak storm which happened around Ipoh beginning 6pm till 6.30pm had caused damage to residences at several locations namely Kampung Tawas, Taman Tasik Damai, Taman Desa Seri Chepor, Kampung Seri Klebang Tambahan Jaya and nearby areas.


Rosli Mansor


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