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EightPaws Welcomes You and Your Pets

The team recently chanced upon a cosy little cafe along the locally recognised “Wife Lane” in town. 

EightPaws was born in the month of April, and its owner, Yip Wei Xin is only 19 years young!

A mother of five cats, Yip said it is her long-held dream to own a stray-cat cafe. 

“It upsets me to see so many of our feline friends being abandoned. EightPaws is a way of showing the furry friends that they are loved and not alone. I want to do something as an individual,” she remarked. 

The open-air concept is definitely a plus point for visitors especially during these Covid times. The exposed brick wall style with a contrast of green from the plants fits in perfectly with the cosy ambience. It would certainly appeal to the crowd who would like to have an alfresco breakfast. 

Although no pet cats are around, you may just spot a purr-buddy sunbathing at the corner, or the Almighty (doyenne cat) greeting you at the entrance. (Keep in mind that our friend is not always around, but you can surely feel the pawsitive energy at the door, nonetheless!)

Ipoh Echo also helped pet owners determine whether they can bring their pets for a visit—and the answer is a big YES!

Yip told us that someone brought their dog, Matcha, to chill at the cafe. Matcha is a very adorable good boy. 

“We are also willing to take in cats that people are unable to keep or feed. Please do not abandon your pets,” she stressed.

The cafe’s specialty? Everything is freshly made for your indulgence, from the coffee you drink to the pastries you eat. They also serve freshly-brewed beverages and cakes (from Chapter 6 cafe) at the moment. The 19-year-old Yip has plans to expand the menu, so look forward to more delectable goodies in the future. 

A cup of coffee and a plate of sandwiches can indeed beat the morning blues. 

EightPaws can accommodate up to 15 people at a time. 


51, Jalan Tun Sambahthan, 30000, Ipoh.


Opening hours: Daily from 8am till 3pm (closed on Wednesday).


Gisele Soo


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