Some Adventurous Things You Can Do When in Ipoh

Ipoh has adventure activities galore! This quiet town possesses a whole lot of outdoor fun for you to quench your adrenaline thirst.

  1. Caving 

Basically almost everywhere you go, you will be able to spot a cave and it just looks like you are heading towards another hill when you just passed one. Ipoh is known for its abundant limestone caves, adding more fun for adventure seekers in exploring its rich, natural biodiversity. 

There are also temples inside the caves and some of the most photographed sites are the Sam Poh Tong Temple, Perak Tong Cave Temple, Kek Lok Tong Temple and Ling Sen Tong Temple. 

People who are curious about mineral formations can pay a visit.

Another ecotourism attraction is Gua Tempurung, which gives visitors an experience of trekking in the dark cavern. It is also a good place to do some spelunking. There are two types of tours; dry tour and wet tour. As the dry tour (Tour 2) is self-guided, you can take a stroll through the cave. You will be guided by a ranger for the wet tour (Tour 1). 

You can take all the time you need to document the interesting structures of the cave; for instance, stalagmites which protrude from the cave floor and dripping stalactites from the cave ceiling. Feel free to explore at your own pace. 

Call them at 012-529 2426 if you have any questions or want to know more about the packages before heading to the gua.

  1. Ipoh Heritage Walk with Sundra

The town is a heritage cove that still holds firmly to its legacy, while most of the bigger cities have lost touch with it. 

Do you know there is such a thing as a heritage walk? Ipoh Heritage Walk is a door to nurture one’s heritage knowledge. People who are interested in historical studies or just want to learn more about the city and catch a glimpse of its past glory can join the Ipoh Heritage Walk. 

The trip lets you witness the wonders of the good ol’ days; such as the remains of colonial buildings, Birch Memorial Clock Tower, mural arts and the Taj Mahal of Ipoh – the Railway Station. 

Birch Memorial Clock Tower in Ipoh, Malaysia

Book your walk with Sundra at their Facebook page

  1. Hiking and Jungle Trekking at Bukit Batu Putih / Bukit Kledang

Hiking is one of the most famous activities for nature lovers. It is less draining on your pocket than going to the gym. It is done in a natural setting and does not involve any heavy lifting, nor will it break your bank. Why stay indoors when you can soak up the scenery of a lush forest?

There are various hills to start your morning or evening climb. A more known trail among the locals is the Bukit Kledang trail. Situated in Menglembu, the trail goes all the way up to the top of the hill with an altitude of 800m. At 2640ft, you will see the RTM broadcasting tower. It takes a few hours, along this paved route, to reach the highest point.

On the other side of the hill is the jungle route where you can experience a more challenging pathway. Take your time to explore.

Another cool climbing trek would be Bukit Batu Putih, nestled in an orang asli neighbourhood. You have to scale up a limestone rock to experience a stunning view of a dam on the other side!

If you have been to the hill, you have probably seen Bukit Korbu, one of the tallest peaks in Perak. Nature enthusiasts will often spend several days on the hill. Korbu hill is one of the few camping spots in Ipoh. 

  1. White Water Rafting

You can do river rafting in several parts of Perak; such as Singgoh river, Gopeng and Ulu Slim river, and immerse yourself in the thrill of rafting across the rivers. These places allow you to take home one of the best rafting experiences. As white water rafting is considered an extreme sport, it would definitely be a challenge for some of us, especially first-timers. 

Research and pick the area best suited for your experience level before deciding which place to go, as different rivers have different levels of difficulty.

You can also check out other offers with the adventure specialist, Riverbug who will guide you on your next adventure in Gopeng.  

Adventures await you!

Gisele Soo

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