Catch a Fish at Paradise Valley!

The Ipoh Adventures group made another treasure discovery at Paradise Valley tucked in Rapat Setia neighbourhood, for avid lovers of fishing.

According to one of the members, many years, in fact, almost three decades ago, the idyllic cove was intended as a haven for visitors who covet some time out from work or just want to spend quality time with their families or friends – because really, career just has to take second place in our life. 

However, someone must have thrown in the towel as the plan was later abandoned. The valley has been spending a good bit of time serving as a fishing spot for enthusiasts. 

What about the entry fee? 

Well, you don’t have to pay to fish but you will have to fetch your catch-of-the-day to the hut for weighing. Every kilogram is equivalent to RM10.  

Watch passionate uncles sitting on empty storage containers patiently waiting for the fish to take a bite of their lure. 

Aunty Foong, who works as a confinement nanny in several parts of the world is currently taking care of the valley and told us that various types of fishes are being reared here. In other words, they are healthy and well-fed! So, you can definitely expect well-nourished fishes here!

In addition to being a fishing valley, this place doubles as a picnic spot. You can lay out your picnic blanket in the cave or the ground next to the pond, all to your liking. There is also a flight of stairs leading you up to the cavern for a higher perspective. 

Anyone is welcome to Paradise Valley but please try not to scare off the fish, keep your voices down.

Truly an ideal place to seek peace and tranquillity at the laid-back nature in a tropical paradise. 

Aunty Foong said Paradise opens everyday from as early as 8am till 7pm in the evening. 

Google Paradise Valley or 31350, Ipoh Perak, it will take you to the fishing haven. 

Note: Bring your own bait.

Gisele Soo

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