Covid-19 Cases on the Rise

Avoid 3C and Practise 3W – Director-General of Health, Tan Sri Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah

The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that the number of Covid-19 patient admissions to health facilities (public hospitals and Covid-19 Low-Risk Quarantine and Treatment Centres (PKRC)) per population of 100,000, increased by 10 percent during Epidemiology Week (EW) 26 (June 26 to July 2) compared to the previous EW 25 (June 19 to June 25).

“Patients of categories one and two increased by 31 percent; while patients of categories three, four and five increased by 13 percent.

“The beds for non-critical cases increased by four percent. The beds for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) increased by two per cent and for PKRC, it increased by one per cent compared to EW 25.

“The number of COVID-19 positive cases monitored by the COVID-19 Assessment Centre (CAC) throughout the country has also shown an increase. By comparing the physical CAC data reported on EW 25 and EW 26, it shows that the number of patients at CAC increased by 28.5 percent.

He said that the number of new Covid-19 cases undergoing monitoring at home increased by 22.9 percent and the number of Covid-19 cases referred by CAC to PKRC decreased by 93.8 percent, while those to hospitals increased by 50 percent.

Based on the trend of daily active cases of Covid-19 monitored virtually, it was found that at the end of EW 26, there was an increase of 24.7 percent compared to the end of EW 25 (from 34,639 cases to 43,203 cases).

“The MOH advises the public to continue to comply with the health recommendations and advice that are often emphasised, namely to avoid 3C (to avoid crowded places, confined spaces and close conversation) and to practise 3W (to wash hands regularly with soap and water, wear a face mask and comply with the warnings from the MOH in the form of reminders).

“The MOH will continue to monitor the development of infections in the country, as well as abroad through information obtained from the World Health Organization (WHO). The MOH will ensure that appropriate preventive and control measures are implemented continuously,” he said.


By Rosli Mansor

Sourced from https://www.infosihat.gov.my
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