Land in Mukim Pengkalan Hulu to be Developed for Affordable Housing

A 6,143 acres area of land in Mukim Pengkalan Hulu, Selarong region, will be developed to ensure that the development of affordable housing will be realised.

Executive Councillor for Housing, Local Government and Tourism, Dato’ Nolee Ashilin binti Dato’ Mohammed Radzi said that the Perak Housing and Property Board (LPHP) are currently in the process of obtaining ownership of the block for the site.

“Once the ownership of the block is obtained, a joint venture agreement with the developer will be made for the development of Structured Village Housing (RPT),” she said when answering a question from the 14th Perak State Assembly (DUN) here on Monday.

Regarding a question on the area owned by the agency under the state government in Pengkalan Hulu that has been developed, Dato’ Nolee Ashilin detailed the steps taken to benefit the people in the area.

She said, for LPHP land in the Nenering province, it has not yet been developed because the land is being cultivated by participants in a series of vegetable planting projects.

“The LPHP has decided to approve and allow the participants of the vegetable crop group project to continue agricultural activities for the next three years, while being charged the same fee as the Temporary Occupation Licence, before being taken back by the LPHP for the purpose of housing development.

Asked whether there will be LPHP collaboration with other agencies, she explained that the matter has already been implemented for the development of the state.

“LPHP has no problem working with other agencies. So far we have worked with MB Inc. and many more.

“Even in our planning from 2021, I think there are about 12 thousand houses already in the process of development, together with government-linked companies.

“In total, almost 21 thousand houses are planned to be completed by 2023. If anyone is interested in cooperating, we welcome them through LPHP.

Commenting further on the additional conditions imposed for the transfer of ownership of low-cost houses, she said it was to prevent misuse in the matter.

“We do not want any ‘abuse’ regarding the transfer of low-cost houses. There are many cases where houses sell at a highly expensive price, and that causes the B40 group who were supposed to own the housing originally, to not be able to do so.


by Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

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