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Fujiyama: Not Your Average Record Store

For many, the advent of the Fujiyama record store might be a dream come true. Sitting in the store is a melange of vintage items that collectors yearn for but are almost always unable to locate.

The two-storey store houses items of antiquity like vintage cameras; analog, SLR, TLR of brands such as Canon, typewriters, vinyl records, and turntables on the ground floor. While on the floor above is where you can go thrift shop for some nice preloved garments at discounted prices, hailing all the way from Japan.

Although the cost for certain brands such as Nike, Burberry or Dickies is a little bit on the pricey side, it is still quite a good deal for a branded jacket or shoes. Of course, you cannot expect to get a Burberry trench coat for just 30 bucks.

Also referred to as a vinyl record player, a turntable is the heart of vinyl records and is often considered a luxury for most of us. Then again, the vintage genre is a niche for indulgence. The prices offered at Fujiyama are not too steep, which has surely sparked the enthusiasm of fellow followers to pursue this classic love. We are looking at a range between RM300 to RM550 consisting of various designs, sizes and colours.

Feel free to browse through the selection of popular music genres; pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, soul and heavy metal. The records are affordable at prices as low as RM50.

For those of you wanting to keep your vintage goods in running condition so that they stay by your side longer, you’ll need to keep an eye on them and maintain your collection. For instance, for a turntable to perform at its best, you’ll have to pay attention while it’s playing, and if you hear a buzzing sound, it means it’s time to give it a service. The stylus or the needle of the player that rests against the record has to be cleaned regularly as well. Dust will affect the audio quality and interrupt the sound played by the turntable.

Caring for your record player is a piece of cake. Just brush the stylus once every few days to keep your friend dust-free. Remember to do the same for your vinyl records. You can also clean them with a vinyl cleaning fluid.

Fujiyama opens daily from 12pm to 9pm. Make sure to grab your lunch or dinner before you drop by, as you will most likely spend hours exploring the place. It’s located at 150, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, 30000 Ipoh.

Gisele Soo

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