Royal Malaysian Navy Expelled 13 Trespassing Foreign Fishing Boats

An attempt by 13 foreign fishing boats to enter Malaysian waters was successfully foiled by a Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) vessel in an incident near Perak Island on Monday afternoon.

Admiral Hang Nadim’s ship carried out the expulsion while patrolling at around 5.50pm.

The Western Fleet Command Headquarters in a statement informed that earlier, the Western Fleet Operations Centre, had received information from the Kuantan Control and Reporting Centre regarding the detection of the trespassing fishing boats.

According to the statement, the 13 boats were detected at a position 65 nautical miles South-East of Perak Island by a CL 415 MP Aircraft belonging to the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency.

“The tracking information was then channelled to the maritime component for further action.

“Admiral Hang Nadim who was then on assignment for Op Benteng Laut, had been arranged to move to the location and successfully located the boats in question,” said the statement.

Admiral Hang Nadim then carried out the action of expelling all foreign fishing boats and remained in the shadows until they left the borders of the country’s waters.

The Royal Malaysian Navy will always maintain patrols in the country’s waters in an effort to ensure that the country’s sovereignty and treasures remain safe and protected.

by Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali


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