TNB To Install 100,000 Smart Meters in Perak

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) will begin the installation of nearly 100,000 smart meters in the state, which is expected to start early next year. This corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a result of one of the projects under the IPOH 2030 Smart City Action Plan under the Smart Meter project.

General Manager of TNB Perak, Datuk Ir Sharuddin Mohd Simin said the installation of smart meters was the first in Perak and started in Ipoh city in stages.

He said that the installation of the smart meter was also an effort to improve the service, in addition to using the latest technology.

“This smart meter is a component of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). The advantage of this installation is that customers will be able to use ‘real time’ (electricity) at their homes. When installed, customers can download the application on their smartphones.

“From there we can know the data and can check how much electricity we use, thus it is easier for us to manage and control the use of electricity.

“For example, if we use more today, then tomorrow we can adjust so that we use less, because we know which electrical appliances use a lot of electricity,” he added.

He said this at a press conference after the presentation of a copy of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) check from TNB to the Ipoh City Council (MBI) on Monday.

Sharuddin added that the installation of smart meters has been implemented since 2015 which started in Melaka as a pilot project.

He explained further that it was later expanded to the Klang Valley and until now almost 2.3 million TNB users have installed the meter.

“God willing, in Ipoh we will start the infrastructure installation work at the end of this year. And it is expected that the meter will be installed by early next year.

“It is expected that nearly 100,000 customers here will be installed with smart meters. We can also reduce the use of paper because the bills can then be sent over the phone and so on.

He further explained that existing meters will be replaced with smart meters, therefore TNB staff will have to go from house to house for notification purposes.

“It’s a bit time-consuming because we have to go from house to house. The issue is getting into the house and so on.

“In addition to the current situation, there are irresponsible parties who take the opportunity to enter houses for other purposes, we have to really study that.

“Before installing the meter, we will engage with the local authorities, residents’ associations and so on, to avoid unwanted things from happening,” he added.

by Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

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