Tambun Parliament Indian Community Celebrates Deepavali

About 100 people from the Indian community from the Tambun Parliament, were lauded during the celebration at the Deepavali Open House of the IPF Party Bersama BN, Tambun Parliament, today.

The recipients who attended the event received help in the form of kitchen essentials and cash donations to cheer up the Deepavali celebrations that was held yesterday.

Head of UMNO Tambun Division, Datuk Aminuddin Md. Hanafiah who presented the donation said, ”With this donation it is hoped that the burden of those concerned will be alleviated to some extent”

“I see that the spirit of the Indian people who celebrate Deepavali is still growing, and we hope that this year’s Deepavali will give them light to face the challenges ahead.

“We will no doubt face challenges head-on, but only if we have a strong and stable government that is able to manage the country well after the 15th General Election (GE15).

“God willing, the country and the people will be able to face the challenges. In-conjunction with this Deepavali day, I hope that our friends from the Indian Community can think about the possible future direction of the country and make the right choice in GE15,” he said.

He said this after handing out donations during the Deepavali Celebration Open House of the IPF Party together with the BN Tambun Parliament, at Medan Klebang Restu on Tuesday.

Also present among the Councilors were Datuk Azizul Kama Abd Aziz and Datuk Mazlan Abd. Rahman.

Meanwhile, Mazlan said the residents of Tambun Parliament should make the best choice in GE15, to ensure the survival of all races.

He goes on to say, what’s important is stability from various facets, including the economy and priority in providing education to all races.

by Rosli Mansor

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