Ipoh Geopark City, rich in eco-tourism products

By Rosli Mansor

With the country’s transition into the endemic phase, the tourism sector has seen an encouraging increase and eco tourism is one of the preferred and popular products among today’s tourists.

The Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud said the state of Perak, especially the city of Ipoh, is indeed rich in unique eco tourism products.

“As a technological and artistic city, Ipoh has its own uniqueness because it is surrounded by millions of years old limestone hills that are a source of biological diversity, cultural heritage and art.

“In line with that, MBI has developed a number of eco-based tourism areas, namely Lake Mirror, Qin Xing Ling, Masoorat Cave and Mount Lang.

“This is the newest destination developed in Ipoh and is expected to be the focus of tourists in the future in addition to promoting the city of Ipoh as the only city located within the Geopark area, or more precisely the Kinta Valley Geopark,” he said in a statement today.

According to him, biological diversity is heritage and must be managed sustainably and used wisely because it can contribute to the socio-economics of the country.

In the Greater Ipoh Regional Tourism Branding Action Plan 2025, Ipoh City will be nominated as a UNESCO CREATIVE CITY NETWORK (UCCN) member through the theme of Music by 2023.

“The nomination of Ipoh as a member of the UCCN is expected to bring some impact and economic returns to the Ipoh City Council in general and to the City of Ipoh in particular.

“With UCCN status, I am confident that Ipoh is qualified to organise events in the UNESCO ‘Network’ programme which will have an economic impact on the entire tourism supply chain including the local community.

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