Family was ordered to move after living on a land for 60 years

by Rosli Mansor

A family is left worrying about their future when they were ordered out of their house located next to a commercial farm for allegedly trespassing.

The relocation order was issued by the farm owner on the grounds that the house was built on their land.

The owner of the house, who wanted to be known as Nizam, said his family had been living there for the past 60 years.

He said the notice to vacate the land had been issued by the farm owner with a compensation payment of RM5,000.

“My family is at a loss when thinking about where we will live.

“This house has been inhabited by my family for three generations. This situation really makes it difficult for us,” he said.

He hopes that the matter gets the attention of the authorities because his family has been there since before the farm was developed.

The plight of this family caught the attention of Bersatu Head of Gopeng Division, Ahmad Ishak who came to conduct a survey in the area yesterday afternoon.


Ahmad, who is also a Teja State Legislative Assembly candidate, said he would look into the matter before any follow-up action was taken.

“We are concerned about the plight of this family and at the same time need to get a real picture of the issue that is happening.

“We will try to find the best solution for this family,” he said.

In the meantime, the results of the survey while in the area found that a branch of Sungai Seribu that flows there was destroyed due to the construction of a stone structure believed to be a border fence.

The situation caused the colour of the river water which used to be clear to become cloudy.

Ahamd said his party will also refer the ownership of the land to the Kampar District and Land Office.

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