3 men were arrested for distributing political leaflets in a Royal Malaysian Navy base

by Rosli Mansor

Three men were arrested by Lumut’s Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) Naval Provost Patrol Team (PROTELA) officers, for distributing leaflets of a political party inside the RMN Base.

Perak Police Chief, Datuk Mohd Yusri Hassan Basri said, it was reported that the arrest was made when PROTELA officers were patrolling the area.

“On 15 November a police report was received from a PROTELA RMN Lumut officer.

“During patrolling, the team arrested three men aged between 19 and 33 years old at Block A8 RKTLDM grounds for distributing leaflets of a political party inside the RMN Base.

“It is because the RMN base has been gazetted as a prohibited area,” he said in a statement on Wednesday.

He further said that the case was investigated under Section 24B of the Election Offenses Act 1954.

He also advised all contesting parties to comply with all laws and regulations enforced throughout the campaign period.

“The implementation of campaigns has been excluded in areas gazetted as prohibited areas, as stated in Act 298, the Protected Areas and Protected Places Act 1959.

“Any individual who fails to comply with this matter, may be subject to imprisonment or a fine as stated in Section 7 of the same act,” he added.

In the meantime, he said, the police also expressed their gratitude to all the contesting parties for their good cooperation throughout the campaign period.

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