56th Ipoh Car Free Day

By KT Leong

The 56th edition of Ipoh Car Free Day @ Hari Tanpa Kereta was supposed to have been held on 30 October but has been postponed.

It will therefore be held on 27 November 2022 (Sunday) at 7am – 10.00am at Persiaran dewan bandaraya (Dataran MBI)/ Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil with the theme of World Children’s Day. The public are invited to come en masse to make the Ipoh Car Free Day Programme more lively. There will be various booths opened from various agencies, associations and NGOs on the day.

Among the interesting activities of Ipoh Car Free Day this month will be ‘Pintar Pintas’, which is a special event for children from the ages of 7 to 12 years. The competition-style programme will test children’s intelligence and speed in completing mind tests, games and dexterity. 1 group consists of 3 participants according to age category, which is Level 1 and Level 2.

For more information about this activity, please contact Pn Puteri Caressa 012-4363548

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