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Anwar’s Vision 2030

From MeeWan (05/12/2022 at 11:18 PM):

“Prime Minister Anwar is the only leader of Malaysia who has a goal and plan to restore the country’s image with respect and positive outlook in all fields mentioned. He is well respected by world leaders.

I left Malaysia in 1968 after high school because I knew there was no future for me because of racism. I was denied a job and highly qualified because I am a Malaysian Chinese. I still follow the politics of Malaysia. I was ashamed to let people know that I was born in Malaysia because of the corruption by UMNO party and Mahathir who betrayed Anwar. I am relieved that Anwar is practicing what he has preached . I will feel clean air when I return to Malaysia to visit my family and relatives next year.

May Malaysia prosper, get rid of corruption and Malaysians live in harmony. Congratulations Prime Minister Anwar for all your hard work with a positive outlook in life for your country!“


Why Bottled Water Has an Expiration Date

From Alan (08/12/2022 at 9:16 AM)

“Expiry and best by dates cause so much waste in the world. If you have any sense you should not need them, Expiry dates on tinned food ….. Just give us a production date and let us figure it out. Shops can not even give it away to the poor anymore as it’s “Expired”. These dates do improve profit for the shops and manufacturers though.”

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