No more fantasy. Lalaland is here in Ipoh.

by Anne Das

If you have been driving by Jalan Lasam in Greentown, you would have seen this ‘eye-catching’ Purple and Green painted Container coming to life with renovations. And if you are just like me, you would be wondering what is coming to our neighbourhood soon.

Wonder no more!

Built on virgin land, without a number to call its own yet, Lalaland, a term ascribed to fantasy, is finally in our own reality. It’s the newest thing to hit Greentown after the fabulous “Green Building” at No1, Jalan Lasam.

This Shipping container Café called Lalaland will be opening its steel cargo doors to the public soon.

This hip and urban space created and designed by 24 year old Mark and his business partner Joseph, is strategically placed and will be serving up brunch, dinner, and supper with an emphasis on fresh fruits for beverages.  The space doubles up as a community area for events, pop up stalls and graffiti competitions and is alluring and eye catching from the get go.

Made with 7, 40-ft containers, customised with ventilation, air-conditioning, retail style lighting and all other amenities needed for a full swing café. This proves one man’s trash is another man’s treasure to be true!

Small businesses like cafes and bars are benefiting greatly from the portable option of shipping containers because their unique design attracts customers, their structure is durable, the interior provides enough space for the necessities of many developments and services, and typically the focus of using a shipping container for a café is to create an environmental appeal.

“The trend of converting shipping containers to cafes is alive in Malaysia and is mostly the favourite hangout spots of youngsters as they provide a cool and chic place to gather and chill out. We hope to make Lalaland an Instagramable place, in addition to serving stomach-filling and tastebuds-satisfying food & beverage” explains creative brainchild Mark.

Curious to know who invented the shipping container or where they were created? Many believe they were invented in China!

Unfortunately, this is not true. The history of shipping containers began in the 1950’s and was created by an American trucker named Malcolm Mc Lean. This man had a vision of a more efficient way to trade and transport goods. Little did he know he would change the world with a metal box.

Lalaland is set to start operations soon.

For more information on their soft opening and grand opening, do follow them on

Insta:  or call Lalaland Café @  018-571 0822

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