Menu Rahmah: Prioritise food quality

by Rosli Mansor

Celebrity chef, Datuk Fazley Yaakob thinks a cheap menu is not necessarily unappetizing or lacking in quality.

He said this in a comment on the government’s initiative in introducing Menu Rahmah throughout the country.

“The provision of food at a price of RM5 and below is timely and beneficial to the people, especially after going through the Movement Control Order (MCO).

“I support this Menu Rahmah. However, traders should not ignore taste and quality. That is very important.

“During the PKP, many people had to cook at home and thus, were able to compare the prices of food in comparison to restaurants.

“So when there is an option for the Menu Rahmah, it is easier for the general public to choose food that fits their budget,” he said in an interview after the Launch of the New Menu at Pantai Ipoh Hospital on Tuesday.

The government introduced the Menu Rahmah as an effort to help the poor who need ready-to-cook food.

The menu is priced from RM5 and includes rice, a piece of chicken or a piece of fish and vegetables.

Fazley, who is also a famous actor and singer in the country, advised that no party should misuse the programme as an excuse to prepare dishes that would disappoint consumers.

“I myself have tried the Menu Rahmah at several premises and found that the dishes provided could still be improved.

“In the old days, the food at home was all delicious and cheap. So there is no reason to make the food (Menu Rahmah) look cheap and low quality,” he said.

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