Ipoh Echo’s New Roving Contributor

by Anne Das

Meet Andrew Chen, a man who is in constant motion.

Ardent Hiker, Cyclist, Roller Skating champion, Enthusiast Photographer, Asian Cultural and Concert Event Organiser – Andrew is a man who does not waste time.

He is a dedicated, passionate, and sometimes half-crazy person (in a good way) who loves to be out engaging with the world every day.  With his eclectic approach, he has established himself as an artist in his own right through his photography and non-conformist mindset.

Andrew with his Roller-skating team at the Sweden Marbles Club Rink

Proud to be born in Ipoh and an ex Michaelian, Andrew was brought up in the era of the ‘Beatles’ and at his core, was always a nomad. His thirst for adventure and knowledge, propelled him to travel the world over and experience life to the fullest wherever his laid his hat.

Andrew with Europe’s lead singer (Joey Tempest) while doing their album photography.

Sweden was his base for 50 years before returning to his roots.

“I came back to Ipoh and immediately knew it was time to stay. With my pension, I am able to live humbly yet get to enjoy everything this country has to offer. We have wonderful weather, the best food, great hiking spots, so many pieces of paradise to discover and interesting people to engage with. It is like discovering Ipoh ‘again’ with new eyes.” said Andrew enthusiastically.

One of the exclusive trips with Ipoh Adventures to the Perak Dam.

Andrew is seen everywhere through his photographs and updates on social media and has gained much popularity. He also single-handedly formed the ‘Ipoh Adventures Group’ (IAG) on Facebook which has about 2700 people currently following it actively.

Ipoh Adventures Group on an early morning hiking trip in Lenggong, Grik

Calling himself “kepochi” (busybody) of Ipoh, he smiles as he proudly says “After being stuck indoors for what seemed like eternity during the past 2 years, I decided to search out a like minded and adventurous tribe on Facebook which then, just grew. Today, there are many of us in the group that have also become like family. We meet every week with a new exciting agenda to explore which involves hiking, eating, singing karaoke, and/or celebrating events.”

Rooftop at THE ABBY by the River Hotel (Hawaiian Night Potluck) – Organised by Ipoh Adventures Group.

He invites the people of Perak, young and senior, to follow Ipoh Adventures Group on FB and to come for the hikes and outings. He stresses the importance of friendship and the value of play (recess) in our busy lives. “Your eyes will be amazed and your body will thank you” assures Andrew.

All dressed up for the Hawaiian Night Party – Ipoh Adventures Group

At 74, this social butterfly is truly an inspiration to us and he is here to help put “IPOH” in neon lights, on the world map.  So next time you see Andrew Chen walking or roller skating on the streets with his camera, smile for him because his photos will most surely be seen on Ipoh Echo’s online sites.

On top of the World at Kledang Hill.
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