Residents of Panorama Tambun Perdana ‘Speak Out’

by Anne Das

Ipohites moved into 2023 with much hope for this year to be better than the last two which literally hemmed us in, literally and metaphorically. People are now trying to ease themselves into this endemic phase and the good news is, businesses and major events have started to get back on track, with restrictions eased and borders reopened.


The Residents of the Panorama Tambun Perdana area are filled with dread each time they set out of their homes. This area includes the Keris Property Development of luxury homes, Dales and Manor Born and the Skyhome Apartment. The predicament is due to the diversion of traffic which does not allow residents to turn into their Taman.

Exasperated with no proper answers from the authorities, many sought to understand why their stress and fuel consumption levels are shooting up.  Residents here get stuck in the endless daily traffic crawl – even if they have made a commendable attempt at leaving their house before sunrise. And at sundown, the same nightmarish journey repeats on their way home.

Works to improve the condition of major roads in this area started more than 3 months ago, and while the community appreciates the upgrades and repairs that are ongoing, they are frustrated with the exit and entry points for Panorama Tambun Perdana.

This was the access point that is now blocked off with the recent roadworks.

Ipoh Echo speaks to the Residents of The Dales (Panorama Tambun Perdana) and SkyHome Apartment to hear their grievances.

“To date, we only have one entry and exit point. Which is further made difficult because the roadworks have blocked us from coming into our entry point. This affects us greatly and is very dangerous to all parties. Most residents here have families with young children and with no public transport available anywhere nearby, parents have to shuttle in and out many times,” said resident Mr Lam, father of 3, who works in Jelapang and has to make more than three trips in and out, daily.

“We have to add to the traffic heading to Tambun and Sunway, and at 5pm every day the traffic is backed up from Pantai Hospital Ipoh heading to Sunway. We have to go through the traffic light under the bridge, (it is illegal to make a U-turn under the bridge, yet there is no signage and many people take that turn). We then have to go much further towards Tambun Police Station to make a U-Turn (which is also not legal). An alternative route should be given to all of us who are affected and made clear. The U-turn at 3 areas after going under the bridge, which the public is taking currently, is dangerous. That whole area is very dangerous without proper signages.” explains Mr. Visvanathan, also a resident here for 10years.

Mrs Julian Maria – Working mother and ex-chairman of Skyhomes

Speaking with Julian Maria, a proactive ex- chairman of Skyhomes and a resident here for many years said “Roadworks started in January with a vengeance, there is no indicating of where to U-Turn and all possible U-Turns are illegal and dangerous. This is because this is a straight road with cars speeding. I have taken this issue up and made enquiries to the authorities, I contacted JKR, MBI and the local ADUN for Hulu Kinta district, but did not get any solutions. We just want our woes to be heard, and rectified.

Seriously, our only option is to make a dangerous and illegal U-turn to get into our homes. This includes all other commercial and non-commercial lorries and trucks which makes it even more dangerous. Having lived here for 15years, our community is disappointed that we were not given an option towards this move. And for the betterment of traffic flow from Sunway area, we were disregarded. Now we have to endanger our lives and our families, just to get home.”

More residents speak out.

“We implore to the MBI / Sunway to make life easier for everybody and to help reduce the congestion, we the residents of Panorama Tambun Perdana seek your assistance and understanding and reinstate the access point here” said resident, Mrs Lim a mother of 3 kids and 2 aged parents.

Resident Patrick Williamson – Project Coordinator for Elephants, Rhinos and People (ERP)

“Makes it anxiety inducing to try to get transport out and into this area of late. I have had to walk out to the Caltex petrol station many times, just to get a Grab because at peak times, no Grab drivers want to come through this way. I waste a lot of time and money and wish that things would improve” – says resident Patrick Williamson from Australia who ironically decided to stay in this area for its convenience.

“The closure of the entry into Dales has greatly inconvenienced the whole Taman; there is no direct route to enter the Taman, if you come from Pantai hospital, the nearest official U-turn is near the Tambun Petronas station. If you come from Bercham highway you also have to turn left and go to Petronas station to make a U-turn. If you come from Ipoh Garden East exit near the Catholic cemetery, it gets even worse, you turn left and have to U-turn at the McDonalds, Tambun. Just calculate, we easily travel extra 3-4 KM each way per day just to get home. That is just for 1 single trip into our taman” explains Dales resident, Mr. David who has also tried to contact authorities for some solution.

Speaking to Jayan, an ‘Ultimate’ Grab driver who has many pickups from the Dales area says “It is very time consuming and stressful to get into the Dales area since the road access is shut. No one knows where to U-turn and the place is a mess. And on days that it rains, that area is the last place anyone would want to be stuck in, let alone grab drivers.

“I also want to highlight that from the Dales, if want to go towards the Meru direction, it’s a pain. Traffic is backed up till under the bridge and cars and motorbikes coming from Tambun direction don’t even stop at a red light. Actually, all bikes coming from Tambun never stop at a red light. This is very dangerous for us coming out to make a quick right for the highway” emphasises En. Kamal, a lawyer in Meru.

“The earlier set up had drawbacks due to narrowness of the road lanes but exits and entrances were almost perfect. Who decided to move U-turn sites? And on whose advise? Criteria for the change? This change has brought more inconveniences and didnt they, the doers, give a thought to the Residents that would be affected”? – this person would like to remain anonymous

Ipoh Echo then went for a comment from Group Executive Chairman of Team Keris Berhad TKB, Dato’ Lee Seng Hee who was the developer for the luxury homes of the Dales and Skyhome apartment here.

“This is with regards to the road upgrading works along junction from Jalan Persekutuan 240 (Ampang-Jelapang) leading to the junction of Taman Perpaduan.”

“Based on the U – Turns to be in place in three identified locations as a replacement of five existing traffic lights, we are of the opinion that this will direct the passer-by to travel another 800 meters before the U turn to enter into compounds of The Dales development. This additional travelling amounts to an extra 1.6km drive, compared to small loop at the right turn.”

“This closure of right turn also has a direct impact on the traffic flow for developments by Sunway Group, with drivers having to journey 450 meters further up to take the U – Turn near McDonald’s, Sunway after the removal of traffic light. This adds up to a total additional 900 meters of travelling to arrive to Sunway residences”.

“We append below the visual representation illustrating the road widening, removal of traffic light and the new U-Turn superimposed on the layout for your kind perusal & encourage parties to have shared dialogues before the implementation of further changes.” Said Datuk Lee Seng Kee

Visual representation illustrating the roadworks and changesSome Context

Present were Members of Parliament for Tambun and also Youth and Sports Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu; Mayor, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin@Md Daud; Chairperson of Sunway Group, Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah; Executive Councillor for Infrastructure, Energy, Water and Public Transport, Datuk Mohd Zolkafly Harun and state assemblyperson for Hulu Kinta, Muhammad Arafat Varisai Mahamad. (Ipoh Echo 2022)

A year ago, Ipoh City Council (MBI) and Sunway City Ipoh Sdn. Bhd. started a collaboration on the Jalan Tambun upgrade project at a cost of Rm16.35million. The cost would comprise road construction, land acquisition and appointment of consulting engineers.

This project starts from the Jalan Persekutuan 240 (Ampang – Jelapang) entrance junction to the Taman Perpaduan traffic lights junction, about 5.2 kilometres away. Replacing 5 existing traffic light intersections with U-turn lanes at three locations and repaving of roads, installation of road safety facilities and upgrading of drainage system.

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  1. Kindly restore the original entrance poin to the Dales.
    Why were we not consulted before it was removed?
    Didnt they do their homework and realize that is our only entry-exit point?

  2. Not only Panorama Tambun involves, we are the residence Taman Tambun are badly effects, just imagine, to send our childrens to school Jalan Ampang it’s take 1.5km instead of 500m distance. Crazy.

  3. Not only the residents of dales effected but also the residents of selesar taman tambun as well
    Everday will be mind boggling to enter and exit

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