Hotel Weil serves a traditional Ramadan buffet

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH – Weil Hotel is making a difference this year by  providing more than 200 types of dishes to customers that are sure to whet their appetites when they break fast during the fasting month.

Themed on the Tradition of Bonda Ramadan Buffet, all the menus are guaranteed to bring back the nostalgia of your hometown and help you to enjoy them more.

More interesting is the stall concept to serve side dishes such as grills, nasi kerabu and sweets.

Don’t miss the heritage stalls with many favourite dishes such as satay, curry noodles, Johor laksa, shawarma, kambing golek, mamak fried noodles, gulai kawah and gearbox soup.

The stalls placed outside the hotel grounds are also unique when they create a different atmosphere for customers.

The Sales Manager of Hotel Weil, Luna Natasya Shafie said they provide two types of menus which will be alternated meaning that they serve a different menu every day.

She said that only the main dish differentiates this menu which is various types of rice with side dishes.

“There are more than 15 side dishes and salads, while for those who like sambal belacan and dipping sauce, there are 10 types of condiments available every day.

“The Ramadan buffet here combines local, Asian and western dishes to suit the diverse tastes of the people of Ipoh,” he said.

The price tag for this Ramadan buffet is RM128 for adults, RM118 for senior citizens and RM78 for children.

As for the early bird promotion until April 7, the promotion offered is two free adult prices for 10 bookings (Buy 10 Free 2).

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