1001 memories Panggong Silver Star, Kg. Simee

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

Indeed, the current generation does not know Panggong Silver Star (PSS), Kampung Simee, a two-story building that used to hold thousands of memories from the late 50s to the 60s.

Around that year, this building became an entertainment centre for residents to release the fatigue of a day’s work.

Citing several sources from the IpohWorld website through the sharing of several readers, stating that in the 60s and early 70s, PSS showed ‘wayang gambar’ (movie) in various languages.

“When I was a child, it was said that every day I watched movies here with my father. Until I got to know many actors from Hong Kong, Taiwan and including P.Ramlee’s movies. We often also watch English movies and directly I can learn English because at home we never speak English.

“As far as I remember, ‘taukeh panggong’ (the owner) does not charge ticket fees to children. In my teenage years, I would go to Saturday midnight movie screenings. That is an unforgettable memory,” said Meng Sang.

Linda Susanna Lee also shared her experience while living with her grandfather in Kampung Simee. According to her, PSS is the place where she made many sweet memories with her grandfather.

“I still remember this cinema, every time I stayed with my grandfather in Kampung Simee in the late 50s and early 60s. We would have an early dinner and then walk to the movies every day eating peanuts wrapped in newspaper.

“My grandfather only had to buy one ticket and I was allowed to enter for free. I sat next to my grandfather. Sometimes I joined friends who sat on long wooden chairs near the screen and it was uncomfortable.

“Every movie night is different and we watch movies in different languages. I still remember the Indian movie Tarzan that made me feel excited to watch it, and the movie starring Sophia Lauren also caught my attention,” she said.

That’s how little sweet memories are shared by those who lived in that era. Now, this building has been restored and will surely bring back the nostalgia of the past generation at that time. It’s just not working yet.

Anyone who has information and memories at PSS can comment on the Facebook page for the current generation to see.

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  1. Hello everyone. I grew up in what was then known as Anderson Road in Ipoh. It ran parallel to the famous durian street. Does anyone remember that or have photos to share?

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