Lorry driver dies after hitting another lorry stopped on the shoulder of the road

by Aida Aziz

KAMPUNG GAJAH: A man died after his lorry, which was carrying a load of gas cylinders, was believed to have hit another lorry that stopped on the shoulder of the road near Simpang 4, Sejagop today.

According to the Chief of Operations of the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) Perak, Senior Fire Officer II Megat Mohd Dahari Megat Jamaludin, he received a call regarding the incident at 1.49pm.

He also said that members of the Kampung Gajah Fire and Rescue Station (BBP), along with the Teluk Intan BBP, rushed to the scene of the incident.

“The road accident involved two lorries, namely a gas cylinder lorry and a cable contractor’s 5 tonne lorry. The driver of the gas cylinders loaded lorry hit a lorry that stopped on the shoulder of the road and caused the victim to be trapped.

“The victim, the gas cylinder lorry driver, has been confirmed dead by the hospital’s medical officer,” he told reporters on Monday.

He said the firemen used special equipment to remove the trapped victims and handed them over to the police for further action.

The operation ended completely at 3.18 pm.

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