Ramadan Iftar: Daging Salai Harimau Menangis and Sup Tulang Merah are the best-selling dishes at Symphony Suites

By: Rosli Mansor

Daging Salai Harimau Menangis, a popular menu from neighbouring Thailand, is indeed a special iftar dish at Hotel Symphony Suites, Ipoh.

This dish is only available at Symphony Suites.  This is the most tender grilled meat on the back of the beef bone.

The meat is marinated for over an hour and a half and smoked for a limited period to retain its tenderness and sweetness. It is enjoyed with a sauce mixed by Chef M. Kumaran who has ten years of experience.

Smelling the aroma of Arabic rice with spiced fried chicken and Daging Masak Masala makes you impatiently wait for breaking fast time.

That’s how we want to describe the specialities among the more than 200 Iftar @ Symphony menu that starts from 24 March to 20 April 2023.

In addition to the concept of ala-kampung dishes, the most important thing is that the dishes here do not use seasonings such as MSG.

Sup Tulang Merah, is another special menu that tempts your appetite. This lamb gearbox soup is really popular in Singapore and is also loved by visitors here even though it tastes a bit spicy.

Prayer hall facilities are provided on the first floor which can accommodate approximately 50 people at a time.

For the public who want to change their taste, they can grab the early booking price of RM65.00 per head until March 20, 2023.

The normal price for adults is RM80.00, senior citizens RM60 and children RM40. A reservation of 10 pax will be given one free of charge.

Reservations can be made through Effa (012 900 8538), Ainul (011 37807350), Zulaiha (01112552257), Kafe (012 9002271) and Hotline (05 3122288).

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