There is no strike in Perak, contract doctors are on duty as usual

BY: Rosli Mansor

IPOH: All contract doctors in hospitals throughout Perak are on duty as usual.

Exco Health, Human Resources, National Integration and Perak Indian Community Affairs, A Sivanesan said, the matter was confirmed by the Director of the State Health Department, Dr Sirajuddin Hashim.

According to him, based on the review made, none of the 1,611 contract doctors in Perak took leave, including emergency leave.

“All contract doctors today have come to work 100 per cent. So the issue related to the doctor’s strikes was deliberately made up, to scare the people.

“So (I ask) the police to investigate who is behind all this (because until today it has not been mentioned who is the organizer of this strike, who is the leader of this strike,” he said.

He was met after breaking the fast with the media here last night.

According to Sivanesan, Perak has 1,611 contract doctors, including over 400 specialist doctors and over 200 trainee doctors.

On Sunday, the media reported that a group of contract doctors who planned to go on strike for three days starting Monday did not budge from their decision to go ahead with the action.

The spokesperson for the group, known as the Malaysian Doctors’ Strike on Instagram, claimed that 10,000 to 12,000 health workers would participate in the strike.

He said they will not be on duty for three days starting Monday by taking sick leave or emergency leave.

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