Covid-19: Stubbornness to comply with SOP, endangering yourself and others!

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

Remember, the Covid-19 virus is like a cancer cell!

Attacks without being noticed and disables the body’s defence system in a short period.

This virus is not like the common cold germ that most people think it is. It’s more terrible than that.

In the excitement of the public going out shopping this festive season, Malaysians should be reminded to take precautions and be alert to the significant increase in Covid-19 cases in recent times.

Through the author’s observation, wherever shopping centres and bazaars are outside the building, almost 100% of the customers do not pay attention to the standard operating procedure (SOP). Sadder can be estimated in 100 people, only 2% are still wearing face masks.

Where is the Malaysian community’s awareness of this increasingly acute health issue?

Yesterday, the Malaysian Health Minister, Dr Zaliha Mustafa in a media statement said that starting in early April 2023, the number of admissions of COVID-19 patients to hospitals increased by 17.6% compared to March 2023.

This is a statement that should not be taken lightly by Malaysians. The most frightening thing is that the nightmare in the pandemic era will repeat itself.

Furthermore, the emergence of the new COVID-Omicron XBB Variant Coronavirus is different and its presence in the human body is not easily detected like the previous variant.

The XBB virus does not show symptoms such as cough and fever. It only shows up with symptoms of joint pain, headache, neck pain, upper back pain and even more frightening, pneumonia.

The virus can spread in the community and directly infect the lungs, leading to viral pneumonia, which in turn causes acute respiratory distress.

Returning to the health issue in Malaysia, are we confident that the Ministry of Health’s statement that this increasing trend will not burden health services and hospitals that can operate as usual?

I cast doubt on that statement because our country is not only dealing with the Covid-19 case but also dealing with other health issues such as the dengue fever epidemic and others.

If the increase in Covid-19 cases continues to increase, it is certain that government hospitals, especially in state capitals or in large cities, will become overcrowded, this situation creates various problems that affect the quality of health for patients.

Certainly, the registration time will take too long, a long waiting time for patients to get medical treatment and the admission process in the ward is slow because there are no empty beds.

Patients are allowed to leave the ward before they are fully recovered enough to make room for cases awaiting treatment, increasing the risk of contracting germs from other patients.

The number of patients exceeding the capacity of the ward creates a stressful work environment for nurses and doctors, mental stress for staff who work in full and overcrowded wards and other issues.

Therefore, Malaysians need to take precautions and be alert to the significant increase in Covid-19 cases.

This epidemic still exists around us, waiting for the time to infect us. Don’t ever forget, don’t ignore the SOP set by the government, and don’t even take it for granted as if Covid-19 has disappeared.

Follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health for the people to be vigilant and follow the recommended SOP to avoid an increase in cases of epidemic transmission is becoming more serious.

Be warned once again, never point the finger at the government if a Covid-19 infection occurs in your own family.

The Ministry of Health always makes every effort to make people aware of the importance of self-care in preventing the spread of this dangerous epidemic.

It is wiser that before returning to the village, make sure you do a self-screening test and prepare all medical equipment for use in an emergency.

To further ensure your safety and family, take the second booster dose injection as recommended by the Ministry of Health.

Be thoughtful and vigilant because this Covid-19 is still around us. Covid-19 is never complacent and always waits for your negligence. Your stubbornness pays off!

Covid-19: Stubbornness to comply with SOP, endangering yourself and others!


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  1. Hello,

    I made a quick check on a particularly surprising statement in this article: that the XBB variant is “5 times more toxic than the Delta” with a higher death rate. My eyebrows were raised as I’ve never come across any research / articles describing any variant being more deadly than Delta.

    Please refer to Fact Check-No evidence COVID-19 Omicron XBB variant has higher mortality rate, or is five times more ‘toxic,’ than Delta
    By Reuters Fact Check — published November 11, 2022.

    I think a revision / erratum is in order!


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