‘Vietnamese Lemang’ are in demand

By: Zaki Salleh
Photo: Wat Kamal Abas

BAGAN SERAI – For the past 16 years, traditional Lemang food made from Vietnamese glutinous rice cultivated by Zainal Ahmad is always sought after by customers because of its distinctive taste.

Vietnamese glutinous rice is the choice because it is suitable as well as tasty.

Although this year the cost of raw materials has increased, the price of Lemang sold is still the same because he does not want to burden the buyer.

This Syawal Xainal has received an order for 200 sticks of Vietnamese Lemang sold at his stall at Parit Haji Ismail 1 here.

He said, for that, he used 300 kilograms of Vietnamese glutinous rice in addition to 600 coconuts.

“The price of raw materials has gone up and I am also affected, however, I do not want to burden the buyer other than wanting people to be able to enjoy this traditional menu.

“That’s why I continue to sell at the same price as last year, which is between RM12 to RM22 per stick,” he said.

Besides Lemang, he also sells chicken and meat rendang to make it easier for his customers.

Lemang has still sought after because it is one of the important dishes to be served to guests who come to visit on Eid.

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