Two new air cooler machines at Lawan Kuda Hawkers Center

By Aida Aziz
Photo: FB Sandrea Ng

GOPENG: Two new air cooler machines have been installed at the Lawan Kuda Hawker Center here to replace the existing machines that are worn out.

Teja State Assembly member, Sandrea Ng Shy Ching said the replacement of the machine was also necessary as the machine often broke down even though it had been repaired many times before.

She also said that the installation of the machine was carried out by the Kampar District Council (MDKpr) today, to provide comfort to the hawkers and the public.

“Previously, machine breakdowns and leaking problems occur quite often. Despite many attempts to repair them, the problem still reoccurs.

“After the appointment of the new Councillors, me together with Gopeng Member of Parliament Tan Kar Hing conducted a site visit with the President of MDKpr, Ahmad Suqairy and the team to inspect several areas including Lawan Kuda,” she said today.

She added that the decision to replace the machine was also timely in addition to guaranteeing the safety and comfort of hawkers and customers.

“Thank you to the local authority (PBT) for the effort to improve basic facilities.

“Thank you also to MDKpr Council Member Sdr Kelly Chin who looks after the Horse Fight zone,” she said.

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