Viral video claims senior police officers refuse to accept complaint reports

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari

IPOH: Police detected a viral video on social media claiming that a senior police officer from the Ipoh District Police Headquarters (IPD) refused to accept a police report.

Ipoh District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Yahaya Hassan said, Ipoh District Police detected a 35-second video uploaded by the owner of the twitter account today.

A 35-second video uploaded by the owner of the twitter account nanmanjoi8715 shows the incident of a man (tiktok social media user @vikramnaidu4488) claiming that the police refused to accept the report he wanted to file for security purposes.

“The Ipoh District Police would like to emphasize that the police have never and will not prevent a complainant from making a police report at any police station in this country,” he said in a statement here tonight.

Yahaya said, however, the police welcomed any feedback received from the people.

“The allegations by the individuals in the video have been referred to the Integrity and Compliance Division of IPD Ipoh for internal investigation.

“In connection with that, the public is advised not to make any speculations about the content of the tiktok video that could affect the police’s internal investigation or cause concern among members of the community,” he said.

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