KPDN seized 31,000 litres of subsidised diesel oil

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH – The tactic of buying subsidised diesel fuel little by little before collecting it in tanks to be sold to third parties has been detected by the Perak Ministry of Domestic Trade (KPDN).

This illegal activity was successfully eradicated in Ops Tiris at an unnumbered sawmill premises in Kampung Chuar Hulu, Sauk near Kuala Kangsar.

The result of the raid at 10.30 am found 31,000 litres of subsidised diesel stored in two skid tank units.

Perak KPDN director, Datuk Kamalludin Ismail said, an on-site inspection also found a five-tonne lorry and a modified van with an additional fuel tank.

He said all vehicles and oil suction equipment with a value of RM101,400 were confiscated.

“When the raid was carried out, there was no owner of the premises at the location in question.

“We believe this syndicate buys diesel fuel at several petrol stations around Kuala Kangsar at a subsidised price before selling it to the industry,” he said.

Further investigations will be carried out on the relevant gas stations and action will be taken if they are found to be involved in these irregularities.

The case is being investigated under the Control of Supply Act 1961 and the Control of Supply Regulations 1974.

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