Join the Art Party ‘Art After Dark’ with Kareem in Ipoh Garden South

by Anne Das

Get ready to paint the town red (literally!) with a brush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other at Kareem’s ‘Art After Dark’ session. This artistic adventure in Ipoh Garden South is where creativity and laughter collide for a night of fun and self-expression.

Caption: Pamella Regan -Fox ‘s o9masterpiece that she has been working on as part of her Art Residency program with Kareem’s Studio

As I stepped into Kareem’s Art House, the air buzzed with excitement. The rhythmic melodies of jazz filled the white space, setting the perfect backdrop for a night that’s anything but ordinary. As we sipped wine and nibbled on delicious treats everyone got to know each other’s name and the room eventually filled up with chatter as well as anticipation.

Armed with blank canvases and vibrant paints, we unleashed our inner artists stroke by stroke. With Kareem’s quick wit and infectious enthusiasm, any hesitation melted away and was replaced by a sense of playful exploration.

The artist making magic happen.

As the evening progressed, our canvases came to life, reflecting the beauty of a pink sunset scenery. Laughter echoed through the room as we shared our artistic triumphs and amusing mishaps. It was a night of camaraderie, where we celebrated each other’s creations and discovered the joy of self-expression.

With the final dot of the moon, a sense of accomplishment washed over us. We had not only created art but also made some new friends. The ‘Art After Dark’ session was an immersive experience that left us craving more, a chance to escape the ordinary and dive headfirst into a world of colours and creativity.

Confidently crafting pink sunsets over a lush field.

If you’re seeking a night out that’s anything but ordinary, ‘Art After Dark’ with Kareem is your answer. Whether you’re an experienced artist or a beginner with a curious spirit, these sessions are designed to ignite your imagination and also maybe, meet your new tribe!

So, gather your friends, unleash your creativity, and paint the town ‘rainbow’ colours at the next ‘Art After Dark’ session on the 14th July 2023. Contact Kareem at 014-347-5004 to secure your spot and let the artist within you shine.

Get ready for a night of laughter, self-expression, and an experience you won’t soon forget.

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