Mayor Credits Media as Cornerstone of MBI’s Success

By: Rosli Mansor

IPOH: The Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin@Md Daud, acknowledges the role of journalists and the mass media in the development and progress, particularly in the city of Ipoh.

He stated that through journalists’ writings, public opinion can be shaped, influencing the rise or fall of a nation.

“The media acts as a bridge that connects MBI (Ipoh City Council) with the city’s residents through coverage and analysis of relevant and consistent development issues.

“With the evolution of print, electronic, and social media industries, it is undeniable that the mass media complements the communication network of today.

“Thank you for the unwavering support towards MBI’s programs, development-related issues, and efforts in driving the progress of Ipoh City and the welfare of its residents,” he said in a speech at the recent Media Flora Nite 2023 held at the Lost World of Tambun.

Over 80 media colleagues from various agencies attended the event, dressed in accordance with the flora theme suggested by MBI.

Also present were the Head of MBI Council Members’ WHIP, Wong Kar Keat; MBI Council Member cum Chairman of the MBI Tourism Committee, Datuk Ahmad Hariri Kamarudin, and President of Perak Media Sports and Welfare Club, Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali.

Rumaizi further emphasized that the close relationship between the media and the Local Authority (PBT) facilitates smooth operations and enables accurate explanations to be provided, ensuring that the public understands every issue that arises.

“Through the symbiotic relationship between PBT and the mass media, we can cultivate a more efficient communication team within PBT to handle information.

“May this bilateral cooperation continue to remain strong, assisting MBI in achieving the goal of making Bandaraya Bestari Sejahtera (Ipoh a Smart and Prosperous City), as envisioned,” he concluded.

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