Spontaneous Creation, Egg and Cheese Apam Balik Gains Popularity

By: Aida Aziz

IPOH: Thin and crispy for those who prefer it that way, while there is also demand for the thick variety, it’s no surprise that many people love food that needs no introduction: apam balik.

The small griddle is lightly greased before pouring the batter and filling. Shortly after, it is lifted and enjoyed while still hot.

Traditionally, apam balik is sweet, filled with corn and sprinkled with peanuts. However, this innovative entrepreneur has successfully created a unique apam balik menu.

Apam Balik Pasar Gunung Rapat or Indra Apam Balik, managed by 47-year-old Indra Dasruni, uses a simple food cart setup, but the menu offered entices customers.

This stall is located near the Pasar Malam Rapat Setia field, here in IPOH.

Indra’s creation, the egg and cheese apam balik, offers a new taste experience that satisfies the taste buds of many.

According to Indra, he started his business 12 years ago, using a family recipe that has been passed down through generations.

“I learned how to make apam balik during my school days. My sister-in-law told me it’s worth learning. Our family recipe is 40 years old.

“At first, I wasn’t interested in making apam balik because it’s hot and difficult to control. I used to work in a factory, but over time, I developed a liking for what I’m doing now.

“Now I run this business full-time, offering various flavours apart from the original, such as chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry, Nestum, butterscotch, egg and cheese,” he said.

As he introduced the new egg and cheese menu by chance, he revealed that the ingredients used are eggs, cheese, and homemade black pepper sauce.

“The idea came to me when I wanted to buy nasi lemak, but they ran out of rice and only had eggs. So I thought of replacing it with apam balik, adding eggs, cheese, and black pepper sauce. It turned out unexpectedly delicious.

“I can guarantee that this menu is not available elsewhere, and it costs RM2.50 per piece,” he said.

When asked if the rise in prices affected his business, he acknowledged the impact but emphasized that he tries to practice charity in his business dealings.

“I can still make a profit, although not much, but it’s still there. I can recoup the capital, God willing,” he added.

Meanwhile, one customer, Nor Asma Mohd Pawaid, enjoys buying apam balik here because it is crispy and not overly sweet.

“I like the original flavour, sometimes I buy the chocolate flavour for my children. It suits our family’s taste,” she said.

Nur Shahida Akasah, on the other hand, explained that she and her husband choose the egg and cheese apam balik for its unique taste.

“It’s difficult to find elsewhere. It tastes great with the homemade black pepper sauce. We always buy in large quantities whenever we come here,” she added.

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