No more printed licenses, Taiping to implement digital business licenses

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

TAIPING – Over 300 traders attended a Townhall Meeting today aimed at gathering views and suggestions regarding the implementation of myPATIL.

Furthermore, myPATIL is set to be made mandatory for every business premise in the operational area of the Taiping Municipal Council (MPT).

myPATIL is Malaysia’s first digital premise license based on smart Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

It replaces the conventional method of licenses in the form of paper and existing license boards in all licensed business premises.

MPT will implement the myPATIL system in business premises starting next month, with an initial target of 7,000 licensed business premises in the operational area of MPT.

With the implementation of myPATIL, it is capable of positively impacting traders.

Among its benefits is facilitating the process of renewing licenses and other business transactions simply by using the myPATIL application on smartphones. This indirectly makes the license renewal process fast and easy without the need to visit the Council counter.

Additionally, the efforts to establish myPATIL aim to combat issues such as license forgery, license duplication, and unlicensed business activities that have become prevalent recently.

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