Ignoring cleanliness cause rats breeding in Pasar Besar Teluk Intan

By Zaki Salleh
Photo MPTI

TELUK INTAN: Trapped 23 rats in one hour.

That’s the result of the operation carried out by the Teluk Intan Municipal Council at the Teluk Intan Market here to combat the breeding of these pests.

This operation also proves that the pest multiplies quickly.

This is one of the e0fforts aimed at avoiding the threat of rats in the Pasar Besar area that cause dirty and smelly conditions.

Environmental factors also invite the presence of many animals.

In an operation starting at 8.30pm by Team Vektor MPTI, 30 mice were successfully caught using sweet potato bait and chicken bran.

Two oversized EZ-Catch traps were also installed to trap the animal.

The actions of traders who are careless and do not take hygiene aspects seriously when disposing of sales waste cause the garbage dump to become the focus of rats looking for food sources.

Its important that together we take care of cleanliness.

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