Gunung Lang Recreational Park Listed Among Malaysia’s Top 5 Popular Parks on Google Maps

By: Aida Aziz

IPOH: Gunung Lang Recreational Park has been recognized as one of the top five popular parks in Malaysia, according to data recorded on Google Maps, attracting both local and international visitors.

This affirmation was made by the Mayor of Ipoh, Datuk Rumaizi Baharin who revealed that the park’s inclusion in the list was based on Google Maps data from February 20th of the previous year until March 21st of the current year.

Rumaizi further stated that this achievement is expected to draw even more tourists from both within and outside the country to the city, coinciding with the Visit Ipoh Year and Visit Perak Year 2024 campaigns.

“The other four parks listed in the category of popular parks are KLCC Park, 99 Wonderland Park, Saujana Hijau Putrajaya Park, and Anjung Floria.

“At the same time, Gunung Lang Recreational Park was recorded in the search results for popular parks,” Rumaizi said during a press conference held at the Ipoh City Council (MBI) Full Council Meeting on Monday.

He added that Google’s recorded data also indicated a significant number of foreign travellers from Singapore, Australia, and Indonesia visiting attractive destinations in Malaysia during the first quarter of this year.

Among the most favoured places by visitors from these countries are Pengkalan Balak Beach in Melaka, a well-known local beach easily accessible to visitors, as well as KLCC Park in Kuala Lumpur and the National Museum, which offer insights into Malaysia’s history and culture.

Moreover, the Google data also listed five popular public beaches, namely Pengkalan Balak Beach in Melaka, D’Aur Beach Resort, Tanjung Biru Beach, Batu Hitam Beach in Kuantan, and Batu Layar Beach in Kota Tinggi.

Regarding popular museums, the top five listed include the National Museum, Penang Peranakan Mansion, Bank Negara Museum and Art Gallery, Borneo Cultural Museum, and Wonderfood Museum.

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