A tranquil culinary oasis in the heart of Ipoh

By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen

Madam Kok, a culinary gem, challenges the Chinese traditional disdain for pork-free Chinese food, especially Dim Sum. This haven of innovation, nestled within lush greenery, redefines Dim Sum by ingeniously crafting each dish without pork, yet still delivering an experience that leaves no taste buds dissatisfied.

As I entered Madam Kok, a paradoxical excitement engulfed me. The absence of pork in a realm traditionally dominated by it seemed audacious, yet my skepticism was soon quelled by the flavors that unfolded. The menu, an intricate dance of culinary creativity, showcased the prowess of using chicken and an array of condiments to concoct Dim Sum that stood tall even without pork’s presence.

Yam Wu Kok, once the domain of non-halal. Now conquered.

The first bite of the chicken siu mai showcased the flair behind Madam Kok’s offerings. The tender chicken melded seamlessly with the savory umami notes, providing a satisfying depth that rendered pork a mere afterthought. The har gow, or shrimp dumpling, embraced by translucent wrappers brought forth the essence of the sea in every bite.

Chicken Siu Mai

Madam Kok’s culinary alchemy extended beyond the dumplings. The menu is almost a book, offering all the traditional pork Dim Sum without the pork. The crispy spring rolls, a symphony of textures and flavors, boasted a medley of vegetables and chicken that left me craving more. The clever interplay of spices, sauces, and fresh ingredients was a testament to the culinary artistry within these walls.

Imagine biting into a Black Pepper Siu Mai, a little twist on the usual, but packing a punch that’s more satisfying than a winning punchline. And let’s talk about the heavyweight champ, a charcoal-skinned Soup Dumpling, blinged out with real gold leaf and served with a straw – yep, you heard that right – to slurp up that umami goodness. For just RM12.90, it’s like hitting the jackpot.

Charcoal-Skinned Soup Dumpling – RM12.90

And oh, the oozy salted-egg Pau— it’s like finding a treasure chest of flavor, hidden inside a soft and fluffy bun. And of course, the signature Portuguese tarts, a sweet send-off that’s as comforting as a hug from grandma.

Portugese Tarts – Caramelized to decadent perfection.

Now, let’s talk about the specials that had us drooling: salted egg chicken with rice – talk about comfort food with a twist that’s like a warm blanket for your taste buds. And for the hearty eaters, they’ve got 4 types of Nasi Lemak, each with its own swagger – from Chicken Berempa to Curry Chicken and barbecued chicken – from RM10 to RM19.90. One-dish Chicken Rice with Buttermilk chicken was intriguing as was the Chicken Rice with Salted Egg chicken. RM17.90.

Pau and Dim Sum and Chicken laden with Buttermilk , oh my!

And in case you’re wondering about your wallet, don’t sweat it. Dim Sum dishes dance between RM7 to RM9, and those belly-filling one-dish meals won’t break the bank either, ranging from RM10.90 for Nasi Lemak Biasa to RM20 for the fancy numbers.

The ever faithful Nasi Lemak

The menu selections are endless and you’ll have to give yourself at least 10 minutes to study what’s on offer before making your selections.  Otherwise as often happens to me, I’ll spy a tantalizing dish wafting by only to regret not ordering it.

So, if you’re looking to try something familiar yet excitingly fresh, Madam Kok’s your go-to—no pork, no problem – just good ol’ flavors that’ll make you smile with every bite.

The ever delectable Loh Mai Kai.

As I sat amidst the garden’s embrace, the melodies of nature in concert with the delectable offerings, I realized that Madam Kok had succeeded in creating Dim Sum that transcended traditional boundaries. The lack of pork was not a compromise, but a canvas for innovation, resulting in a symphony of flavors that rendered the omission inconsequential.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re in the mood for some privacy, they’ve got a sumptuous private room that’ll make you feel like royalty. Just spend RM350 and the luxuriously decorated room is all yours. Fit for the most discerning VIP you may wish to invite.

Well-lit, yet intimate.

And if you’re planning something big, like weddings or birthdays, Adonis’s got your back. Located within the same garden and sharing space with Madam Kok. They offer catering and banquet facilities that’ll make your celebrations unforgettable.

Available for weddings, banquets and more.

Address: 2, Jalan Kelab Golf, 30350 Ipoh, Perak
Contact Annie @ 012-5156336

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