The meaning of independence for 71 prisoners, grateful to be set free early

By Zaki Salleh
Credit Photo: Wat Kamal Abas

TAIPING: This year’s 66th National Day celebration was very meaningful for the 71 prisoners who received release through the Licensed Prisoner Release Programme (PBSL) under Ihsan Madani.

From that number, 29 Licensed Released Prisoners (OBB) are from Taiping Prison while the rest are from Tapah Prison.

Director of Parole and Community Services Division, Deputy Commissioner of Prisons, Zawari Abd Rashid said, a total of eight OBB from Taiping were invited by their respective families.

“While 12 people will be sent to undergo paid skills training through the Corporate Smart Internship (CSI) Programme with the industry.

“The remaining 9 people were sent to the halfway house (RP) in Ipoh,” he said.

According to Zawari, a total of 173 OBB were released through PBSL from January to August this year.

Meanwhile, a prisoner who wants to be known as Rashid, 25, said he was determined to make changes in his life after getting the opportunity in this programme.

“I am really sorry and I no longer want to be involved in any criminal activity and want to change my life.

“I want to be a good son and brother to my mother and four younger siblings who are still in school,” he said.

He is determined with the opportunity given this time to change completely and wants to work by following the CSI programme.

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