Cranberry and Cheese Mooncakes

By Margarita Lee

Ingredients A:
40g glutinous rice flour
30g wheat starch (Chéng fěn)
30g rice flour
160ml milk
25g caster sugar
20g unsalted butter
Few drops of rose pink colouring

Dusting Powder:
15g-20g glutinous rice flour (lightly toasted in a pan for 5 minutes)

Ingredients B:
250g cream cheese
20g caster sugar
1 tsp gelatin powder
1 Tbsp water
30g dried cranberries

Filling Method:

  1. Dissolve gelatin in water and let it bloom for a few minutes.
  2. In a mixing bowl, whisk cream cheese and sugar until smooth.
  3. Add cranberries to the cream cheese mixture and combine.
  4. Microwave the bloomed gelatin for 10 seconds and gently incorporate it into the cream cheese mixture (avoid over-mixing).
  5. Divide the cheese and cranberry mixture into 11 portions using an ice cream scoop. Shape each portion into a round ball using cling wrap.
  6. Keep the cheese balls in the refrigerator for minimum 1 hour .

Dough Method:

  1. Mix all Ingredients A (except butter) in a mixing bowl. Strain the mixture through a sieve and pour it into a shallow dish.
  2. Cover the dish with cling wrap and steam over high heat for 25-30 minutes.
  3. Remove from heat and add butter, mixing the dough with a dough scraper. Allow it to cool. Transfer the dough to a board, add in the food colouring and knead by hand until smooth. Divide the mixture into 10 portions (25g each) and keep refrigerated.

Assembly :

  1. Remove the dough balls from the fridge and place one between 2 sheets of non-stick baking paper. Press to flatten the dough ball and roll it out thinly into a flat circle.
  2. Wrap the flattened dough around the filling and shape it into a ball. Ensure that there are no exposed parts. (Repeat for all balls.)
  3. Dust the mooncake mould with prepared dusting powder
  4. Shake off excess flour and place the filled ball into mooncake mould, press to print the pattern. Repeat this step for all.
  5. Store the mooncakes in an airtight container, with a kitchen paper-towel on top to prevent any condensation on the moon cake surface.
  6. Refrigerate for 3-4 hours before serving .


* This mooncake recipe is a healthier and non-traditional version.

* With a 50g mould, the recipe yields 11 mooncakes.

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