“Walk with Me” Fundraiser

A Night of Heartfelt Giving

By Anne Das

Ipoh recently witnessed a remarkable evening at the Auditorium RTM Perak – ‘Walk with Me,’ a charity musical that left an indelible mark on the community’s heartstrings.

The driving force behind this extraordinary event was Sylvia Wong and her dedicated team. The genesis of “Walk with Me” dates back to July 2022 when Sylvia and a group of friends, all educators and managers of enrichment organisations, shared a common dream – to create a musical. However, they faced a significant challenge – what story should they tell?

Ms. Sylvia Wong of Sylvia Wong Academy – A Performing Arts School in Greentown, Ipoh

Their answer came in the form of inspiration from Soroptimist International Ipoh (SI Ipoh), a benevolent organisation that supports underprivileged youth through its outreach projects, Edufun and EduHope. These initiatives provide vital support to marginalised youth, enabling them to pursue education and break free from the cycle of poverty.

“Walk with Me” was more than just captivating performances; it was about crafting a narrative that mattered. Sylvia and her team carefully selected songs that resonated with them and, crucially, wrote their own script. The story they wove, though poignant at times, was deemed worth sharing – a tale that would raise awareness and empathy for the children Edufun and EduHope support.

Sylvia Wong shared her motivation, “We wanted to create something beautiful, something that brings joy and makes a difference in people’s lives. Through ‘Walk with Me,’ we would not only create art but also support the future of underprivileged youth in our community.”

The primary goal of “Walk with Me” was to generate funds that would enable underprivileged youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue tertiary education, breaking free from the constraints of financial hardship.

With over 170 people involved both on and off the stage, the production was a remarkable collaborative effort. Performers ranged in age from children under six to individuals over sixty. It wasn’t just a showcase of skill; it was a platform for personal growth and development.

“WALK WITH ME” was an outstanding musical production with captivating dancers and singers who touched on many issues: despair, humanity, friendship, love, and hope. The story pulled at heartstrings. The performance made one laugh, cry, and see hope. It brought the community together in compassion to support and uplift the less privileged.

The event vividly demonstrated that effecting change doesn’t demand brilliance, wealth, beauty, or perfection; it merely calls for compassion.

For anyone who may know deserving students in need of financial assistance to continue their studies, there is hope. Soroptimist International Ipoh, particularly through their EduHope initiative, remains steadfast in their mission to empower underprivileged youth with education, breaking the cycle of poverty along the way.

To learn more about Soroptimist International Ipoh, please email or contact Jean Chai at 0125882313.

Datin Rosalina Thong-Ooi, Lee Yin Pheng, Doreen Kam, Jean Chai (President), Lee Mei Yee, Khoo Kuan Hua, Yip Siew Keen, Kimberly Tan, Wong Siew Fong

~ Stay tuned for more community stories that inspire and uplift ~

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