It is time for Ipoh to have a plan to face disasters

By Zaki Salleh
Photo: APM Kinta

IPOH: It’s not just about making headlines and media coverage, the recent trend of storms and floods in Ipoh requires a solution.

It’s time for Ipoh to have its own disaster preparedness plan to identify vulnerable areas and respond effectively to recurring disasters.

Most recently, 77 families were affected as continuous heavy rain and storms damaged homes in Taman Meru 2C.

The prolonged heavy rain for over two hours caused flash floods in at least 11 areas around Ipoh.

Apart from the extraordinary heavy rain, flash floods occur because the drainage system is unable to accommodate a large amount of water.

Many urban roads are at risk of being submerged when heavy rain falls and the drainage system fails.

For example, the Simpang Pulai-Botani road is often flooded when it rains and until now, a solution does not seem apparent.

Areas like Manjoi, Meru, and Tasek are consistently affected by storms.

This recurring natural phenomenon in recent years should not be underestimated.

Local authorities such as the Ipoh City Council (MBI), the Land and District Office of Kinta, or higher authorities need to plan for this.

Currently, according to the government structure, the District Disaster Management Committee (JPBD) is the highest authority at the district level for handling disasters, including emergencies.

Its role is to carry out rescue operations and provide assistance at the disaster site, while the National Disaster Management Agency (Nadma) and the State Disaster Management Committee (JPBN) coordinate at the central and state levels.

Even though disasters like storms and rain often occur during the monsoon season, the recent unpredictable weather changes mean that incidents can occur unexpectedly.

Therefore, this disaster plan is crucial as an initial step to face any possibilities.

This is important so that all involved parties, including the community, know what actions to take and are prepared to face unforeseen disasters.

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