12,000 fish fry released into the Perak River, Kampung Periang

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari
Photo Fb Dato Zolkafly Harun

KUALA KANGSAR: The Perak State Fisheries Department released a total of 12,000 fish fry, valued at over RM5,000, into the waters of the Perak River in Kg Periang, Kuala Kangsar recently.

The Chairman of the State Rural Development, Agriculture, Farming, and Food Industry Committee, Datuk Zolkafly Harun, mentioned that this initiative aims to enhance fish stocks and enrich native fish resources.

“The Fish Seeds Release Program into Public Waters should be continued by the Perak State Fisheries Department to further raise awareness among the community and collectively preserve the sustainability of fish species in our river waters.

“Congratulations once again to the Perak State Fisheries Department and all parties involved in the successful program to ensure the genetic diversity of river fisheries and replenish fish resources in public waters, preserving our river heritage,” he said in a statement on his Facebook.

During the same program, Zolkafly also officiated the opening of the Fisherman’s Jetty at Kampung Periang.

“The State Government hopes that the Fisherman’s Jetty at Kg Periang, Kuala Kangsar, Perak, and its facilities will provide comfort and safety for the local fishermen to use.

“In addition to bringing economic benefits to the local community, especially the Fisherman Community of myKP Kg Periang, Kuala Kangsar, it aims to elevate the socio-economic status of the local residents through agrotourism,” he added.

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