Heritage Square in Taiping Upgraded in Commemoration of Taiping Heritage Town’s 150th Anniversary

By: Zaki Salleh

TAIPING: The Heritage Square in Taiping, a prominent public focal point in the town, has been given a new look with the completion of its upgrading works.

It now proudly displays the words “Taiping Bandar Warisan” (Taiping Heritage Town) as a new element in preparation for the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Taiping Town, renowned for its rich history.

In July, the Minister of Local Government Development, Nga Kor Ming, allocated a sum of RM500,000.00 to the Taiping Municipal Council for the upgrading of Heritage Square.

Improvement works began in October and took only three weeks to complete.

Various programs and activities are planned for the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Taiping Town, organized by the Taiping Parliamentary Office in collaboration with various agencies.

The square, located in front of the Taiping Municipal Council building and the Land and District Office of Larut, Matang, Selama, is also one of the iconic landmarks of the town.

This Victorian-era building, inaugurated in 1898, once served as the administrative office for the British government.

Its architectural uniqueness makes it a historical attraction.

During the weekends, the Cross Street Bazaar adjacent to it offers various activities with food trucks, souvenir shops, jewelry, and much more.

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