The potholed road in front of PPD Kinta Utara, SMK Anderson is ready to be paved

BY: Zaki Salleh

IPOH: A recent viral photo capturing a pothole-ridden road, now patched up, has triggered varied responses from the online community in Ipoh.

Lebuh Cator Road, located in front of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Anderson, the North Kinta District Education Office (PPD Kinta Utara), and Lebuh Cator National School, was in a severe state.

Given its proximity to the North Kinta District Education Office, there was a sense of bewilderment as to why immediate action had not been taken to address the road’s deteriorating condition.

Online user, using the identity, Zahid Khairullah urged the North Kinta District Education Office and SMK Anderson to play a significant role by filing complaints with the local authorities.

One of his comments reads: “Parents can also express their grievances because many of them hold influential positions.”

Another user, known as Ahmad Firdaus, emphasized the severity of the road condition, stating, “It’s really bad. Hope the North Kinta District Education Office takes action because this is the entrance to the school and PPD Kinta. Hope it can be resolved this month. The distance of damageĀ  is not far. Hope for a new and better patch. Hope the Kinta District Education Officer takes note of this. Thanks to those who brought up this issue.”

Meanwhile, the Ipoh City Council (MBI) responded, clarifying that the matter was beyond their jurisdiction.

“Greetings, the road is outside MBI’s jurisdiction and is supervised by the State Education Department. However, MBI is in the process of carrying out road repairs through the Corporate Social Responsibility Program in collaboration with Puncak Emas Infra Sdn Bhd.”

The latest update indicates that the responsible party has reportedly repaired the road damage yesterday following the viral news.

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