Perak Turf Club’s Charity Cup 2023 Makes a Mark

By Anne Das

The Perak Turf Club orchestrated a stellar event that seamlessly blended the thrill of horseracing with a spirit of giving back. The Charity Cup Race Meeting 2023 on 26th November, featuring the running of its classic Charity Cup 2023, transcended a mere display of speed and elegance; it underscored the Perak Turf Club’s unwavering dedication to community well-being.

The Charity Cup, an annual tradition since 1998, has become a symbol of compassion and corporate social responsibility. This year, the Perak Turf Club elevated the experience by hosting an event that not only entertained but also significantly contributed to improving the lives of the less fortunate.

Guests enjoy the local spread at the David Jeyaratnam Lounge, engaging in lively discussions during Perak Turf Club’s Charity Cup Event 2023.

Amid the day’s festivities, guests gathered for a sumptuous lunch at the David Jeyaratnam Lounge, where generosity shone. Donations poured in from the invited guests, supporting the PRTC  Jockeys Benevolent Fund. This gesture emphasised the community’s commitment to supporting those involved in the races, showcasing unity and compassion.

The races unfolded with excitement, reaching a crescendo during the highly anticipated Charity Cup 2023 Race. Good Fight from Pavitra Gallop Stable, trained and conditioned by Trainer  S. Dunderdale, ridden by Jockey J De Souza, seized victory after beating Teochew Kid into second place by a noteworthy four-length margin. This triumphant moment earned them the coveted winner’s trophy and a substantial prize of RM100,000, amplifying the thrill of the event.

Good Fight, winner of the Charity Cup, also secured victory in the Coronation Cup three weeks earlier on November 5th in Ipoh.

Following the Charity Cup Race, Dato John Lim, Chairman of Perak Turf Club, and sisters Ms. Jeyamalar Jeyaratnam and  Ms. Ratnamalar Jeyaratnam presented cheques totaling RM104,000 to 30 beneficiaries. These organisations, including Perak Palliative Care Society, Persatuan Wanita Perak Untuk Wanita (PWW), Persatuan Parkinson Perak, Pertubuhan Befrienders Ipoh, and Hope Haemodialysis Society, Ipoh, Perak, were carefully chosen based on recommendations and write-ins, ensuring funds reach where they are needed the most.

Representatives from charitable organisations in Perak receive their donations with gratitude from Perak Turf Club

As we celebrate the success of the Charity Cup Race Meeting 2023, the Perak Turf Club remains committed to a future filled with compassion and community engagement. Dato John Lim hinted at potential innovative fundraising approaches, signalling the club’s determination to continually enhance its contributions to charitable causes.

The Charity Cup Race Meeting 2023 wasn’t just a day at the races; it was a demonstration of the power of unity, compassion, and the positive impact a community can make when it comes together for a cause. As the sun set on the racetrack, the warmth of giving lingered, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of Perak’s community.

Dato John Lim, Chairman of PRTC, and Mr. William Balasingam, Deputy Chairman, stand alongside dedicated Committee members for the 2023/2024 term.

The Perak Turf Club’s Charity Cup: where racing meets compassion, and the community emerges as the ultimate winner.

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