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SnowFlake Cookies – An Easy Addiction

by See Foon-Koppen

I don’t have a sweet tooth! But having said that, certain bonbons do tempt. Like the sublime pleasure of marshmallows, those little clouds of confectionery perfection concealing a pillowy-soft interior that yields with the gentlest squeeze.

In every aspect, marshmallows embody the pure joy of indulgence. But cloyingly sweet it is. However, in the hands of a master baker like Ann Tan who is known for her sourdough creations, marshmallows undergo a metamorphosis  that transports you to heaven and back. Only to reach for another and another of her SnowFlake Cookies.

With other snowflake cookies made with regular marshmallows, these  enticing treats can seem cloying, each bite leaving a bitter aftertaste of regret and discomfort, from the initial false high to the eventual descent into a regret-laden, sugar-induced haze.


Not with Ann’s SnowFlake cookies. Going to great expense of sourcing for unsweetened marshmallows, Ann laces her cookies with minimally sweetened cranberries, mulberries and almond bites. The result is a divine nibble, a concoction that neither cloys nor satiates, but rather tantalises my palate to crave for more. It is also the perfect treat for a borderline diabetic like me.

Now that is testimony from someone who is seldom tempted by sweet treats!

Ann’s SnowFlake cookies are individually sealed and packaged in 10 piece lots in the cutest little handbag that your little daughter or granddaughter would love. It’s the perfect Christmas gift (or any other time-of-year gift).

They are all homemade with no preservatives or  additives and Ann, who I know well as I always order her sourdough breads, is adamant about always using top quality ingredients in all her homemade products.

Order Details
10 piece gift pack     RM20
3 days advance order
Ann Tan :  012 5222291

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