Wakunime®: Ipoh Mega Collector Havoc 2023 Day 2

by KT Leong

With Day 1 wrapped up, Day 2 is well underway for Wakunime®: Ipoh Mega Collector Havoc 2023, a hobby event organised by Toyeban, and being held at AEON Big Falim from December 8 to 10.

With the weekend finally upon us, the place was packed. There was nary a parking spot in sight, and those who are familiar with AEON Big Falim know that they have an impressively large parking lot.

The vendors have finished setting up and the selection is wider than ever, with some pretty rare sights, including an old novelty radio done up to look like a jukebox and cartons of decades old cigarettes.

There was a dance-off competition on the main stage on the ground floor, and collectible card games like Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering being played on the first floor.

And of course, the cosplayers roamed every floor. You couldn’t walk 10 feet without running into someone dressed as a character from Genshin Impact, Super Mario or Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures.

Expect the cosplay community to come out in full force for the final day of festivities tomorrow.

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