Urgent Plea for Upgrading of Shortcut Road in Medan Pengkalan

By: Zaki Salleh
(Image: Gopeng Parliamentary Office)

Ipoh: Regular commuters utilizing a shortcut road in Medan Pengkalan Indah, stretching from TF Supermarket to Pasar Pengkalan, are earnestly appealing for the thorough improvement of the route to official roadway status.

Despite the current ownership belonging to the property developer, commuters are urging authorities to consider upgrading the path due to its significance in shortening travel time.

The road, in use for over five years, bears the brunt of frequent heavy vehicle traffic, leading to persistent deterioration. User Arif Aiman Mohd Sufi expressed concerns about the road’s condition, emphasizing that it has been previously patched with small rocks and sand, only to succumb to damage once again.

“This is a sandy road, so when there is heavy rain, the surface breaks down, forming dangerous potholes. It poses a real hazard, especially for motorcycles and light vehicles. We understand it’s not under official authority control, which is why we implore the responsible parties to assess possible solutions,” he remarked.

Lorry driver K. Suresh, while acknowledging the road’s occasional deterioration, shared that its proximity makes it his preferred route for deliveries.

“I often transport goods for customers and choose this route because it’s convenient. Despite its occasional rough condition, I use it because it’s more accessible,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Service Center for Gopeng disclosed that repair work on the road had been carried out last week. This followed a special meeting the previous week, during which the property developer undertook cleaning operations, including drain maintenance.

Simultaneously, a tentative date will be established for the final coordination meeting between the Ipoh City Council (MBI) and developers to discuss the road and drainage system’s comprehensive upgrade for a long-term resolution.

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